2023: Work is underway on a new album. Stay tuned!

2021: Austin John's new album The Better Way Back When is released! Stream it HERE on Apple Music, or HERE on Spotify,  visit our Youtube page HERE, Listen OR  be a hero and buy a download for pay-what-you-can in this website's MUSIC STORE where all of our albums are available.

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I dedicate this album to my first guitar teacher and musical mentor George Wall who recently passed unexpectedly. Making him proud has been one of my main musical motivations for the better part of 30 years. 

A Covid-19 social distancing inspired video for Indifference, the first single from our 2020 album The Better Way Back When.

A big budget video for the 4th single and title track from our newly released album The Better Way Back When. I want to personally thank the entire cast and crew.. hair, makeup, costume department, choreographers; I couldn't have done it without you! XO

Song 7 from the Better Way Back when was written in frustration, but the video was shot with a tremendous amount of love in my heart.

A tribute to my childhood idol Prince on his birthday. From our 2021 album The Better Way Back When.