Our new album Survive Each Other is being release July 12, 2024.. (but the lyrics are already posted in the LYRICS section!) 

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The second single off my band Austin John's 2020 album The Better Way Back When is a tribute to two very special ladies in my life who indulge me in such wonderful adventures.

A big budget video for the 4th single and title track from our newly released album The Better Way Back When. I want to personally thank the entire cast and crew.. hair, makeup, costume department, choreographers; I couldn't have done it without you! XO

A Covid-19 social distancing inspired video for Indifference, the first single from our 2020 album The Better Way Back When.

Song 7 from The Better Way Back When was written in frustration, but the video was shot with a tremendous amount of love in my heart.

New video for the song Honeymoon from our new 2021 album The Better Way Back When features a duet with songstress Danielle Knibbe. Enjoy the party!