Our newest album Lilac can be purchased for pay-what-you-can HERE 

Track list:
1) WANT is a push back against materialism featuring a duet vocal with one of my favourite singer-songwriters Danielle Knibbe.  She's about to release her own album in June 2016, so check out her name link.

2) THE OLDER WE GET (THE LESS WE GO OUT TO DANCE) is self explanatory. The album's first single is sung by Montreal songstress Ainsley McNeaney.  I helped produce her beautiful album Bones Are Forever. Simply put, her artistry inspires me.  Scroll down this page for the lyric video. 

3) THE PERFECT DRESS is given the full vocal twang by Darcy Windover, who I know from his own excellent albums and his Sunday night residency at Opera Bobs.  Kevin Neal was so slick for this pedal steel session; his set up includes changing into cowboy boots he keeps in his gear bag. My dog Sadie snuck a "ruff" in at the end of my acoustic guitar take. 

4) HIGH WAISTED JEANS is a personal tribute to my wife Natalie, so I sung it myself. 

5) LATE AGAIN could only be sung by Justin Bacchus, who's band plays most Saturday afternoons at The Rex.  He's funky, and also appropriately shares my reputation for lateness.
6) FIX ME is crooned by everyone's favourite young Toronto jazz singer Alex Samaras.  Josh Grossman (trp) and Trent Reschny (sax) drive this song about a narcissist home.

7) BOX OF LETTERS is the very first demo recording I made when I wrote this song in my bedroom.  Me, a guitar, a shaker and a rainy day.

8) PLENTY OF FISH is sung by our bassist Connor Walsh.  His enthusiasm for this project and playing music in general is infectious.  He's also much cuter than anyone you'll find online dating.

9) Lilac wraps this album up with a tribute to springtime, long walks and love.

Austin John are:

Todd Elsliger: songs, guit, vocs, perc.
Stu Harrison: keys
Connor Walsh: bass
David MacDougall: drums

The album was mixed by David Hermiston